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Successful career goals can't be set in isolation

As you would expect, many people continue with the age-old practice of trying to change their lives by writing a set of New Year's resolutions. Of course, these dreams encompass everything from losing weight and exotic travel plans to getting a promotion at work. However, we also know very soon into the new year, people begin to get frustrated. They lose their commitment, fall into old habits and then find themselves backsliding to where they were before. In other words, setting a goal is one thing, accomplishing it is another.

Understanding the unsaid key to effective communication

Time and time again, all through our educational years and into our work life, we hear about the importance of interpersonal communication. When our communication is deemed to be effective, we can quickly develop trust and respect, build teamwork, problem solve and resolve differences. On the other hand, if our communication is deemed to be ineffective, it's well known we can cause conflict and frustration. In fact, poor communication can destroy professional relationships and/or create unhealthy family dynamics.

Without a doubt, some of the workplace events that create stress for managers and employees alike are the times when a complaint, accusation, alleged employee misconduct or when the grapevine is ripe with gossip that something disturbing has happened. While managers would probably like to turn a blind eye or just outright ignore the situation, they know that some kind of action is warranted. The required action is usually a workplace investigation.


Disabled workers are a great, under-used resource


Looking for a job is a full-time job. If a job-hunter has a disability or a health condition, finding work is even tougher. Statistics show disabled Canadians have a more difficult time finding work and staying employed. Their challenges are often significant and that may explain why disabled employees are underrepresented in the workforce.



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