Ethics and Professionalism in the Workplace


Course No.: EP2017-07
Topic of Course: Ethics & Professionalism in the Workplace
Location: Canad Inns Destination Centre Club Regent Casino Hotel
Date: July 27, 2017
Fee: $495

Is it OK to take a restaurant tip when you’re supposed to share it with others? Is it Ok to hire a relative without declaring your relationships? Is it OK to lie to your spouse and kids? Or, is it OK to always be late with your work assignments? No matter what your answer, the issue is “ethics”! In today’s business and work environment as well as within our personal lives, the issue of ethics has become even more important. In fact, the risk of unethical practices outside of what is considered morally right or proper can ruin your career and/or destroy your agency or business. This hands-on, practical and interactive one day workshop will help you understand ethics and answer that question so that you will always make the right decisions at all times.

Topics include:

  • Experiencing ethics and professionalism
  • The good, the bad, the ugly of ethical decision making
  • Ethics & professionalism defined
  • Why is ethics & professionalism an issue?
  • Ethics is complex and not easy
  • Does where you live and what you do make a difference?
  • Ethics – Bullying and Lateral Violence
  • Why do people fall into unethical behaviour?
  • Ethics begins at the top
  • Six principles of ethical decision making
  • How can ethics and professionalism be managed at work?
  • Steps to ethical decision making & professionalism 

Instructor: Barbara Bowes, FCPHR, CMC, M.Ed., CCP

Barb-BowesBarbara is the President of Legacy Bowes Group and offers over thirty years of HR consulting service to First Nation communities. She is also a well-known newspaper columnist, radio personality and author. Our goal as Legacy Bowes Group is to help our client communities build HR capacity.


Questions about the workshop? Please contact Laurie Sinclair at 204-934-8837 or email





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