Dec6 2017

Event Info

Course No.: EP2017-12
Canad Inns - Destination Centre Club Regent Casino Hotel
Dec. 6, 2017


Have you ever thought about the power of your message? Actually,
the only message that counts is the one received. In other words, it
doesn't matter what you say or what you meant to say, what
counts is what the receiver thought you said.

Attend this workshop to build your skill set in using communication
to build effective work relationships and to confront conflict.
Topics include:

  • Why and how do we communicate
  • Encountering barriers to communication
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Personality, life attitudes and communication style
  • Effective questions, effective listening
  • Crossed communication and conflict
  • Conflict styles and constructive confrontation


Instructor: Barbara Bowes, FCPHR, CMC, M.Ed., CCP
Barbara is the President of Legacy Bowes Group and offers over thirty years of HR consulting service to First Nation communities. She is also a well-known newspaper columnist, radio personality, and author. Our goal as Legacy Bowes Group is to help our client communities build HR capacity.