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Coaches are also known for mentorship, counselling, organizing and team-building, all with the goal of motivating team members. So I find it strange that coaching in the workplace has taken so long to gain credibility. 

Only in the past five to 10 years has coaching been recognized as having value in supporting managers and helping them increase their personal performance. As well, business coaching or "executive coaching" started out as a performance management tool to "fix" a manager and was seen as the last stop before termination. No wonder executive coaching was not seen as an opportunity.

When was the last time your human resource policy manual was reviewed?

Well, if you're like many organizations, I'll bet your HR policy manuals are out of date. For instance, have you updated the manual to include the new Manitoba flextime rules? Do you have a policy for armed forces reservist leave? Has an employee inquired about and/or requested use of the compassionate care leave provisions? These are just a few of the changes made over the past few years.

An interesting item recently appeared in the news involving a Grade 5 Altona classroom. A teacher posted a particular plaque in the classroom that a number of parents found offensive. Complaints, conflict and hard feelings predictably followed. Regardless of where one stands on the subject matter of the particular posting, the story raises some very interesting issues about what an employee can and cannot post or display in the workplace.

Effective February 1, 2011 Manitoba joined provinces such as Quebec, Ontario and Saskatchewan by implementing regulations to address the issue of psychological harassment, or bullying as it is more commonly known.


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