Organizational productivity and success in today’s demanding and changing work environment requires a high level of performance from each employee, especially its leaders. Outstanding performers must be encouraged, supported and retained while poor performers must be counselled, developed, reassigned or moved out of the organization. The assessment of a company’s leaders enables executives to identify gaps in its team, thereby allowing decisions regarding whether to fill the gaps. The assessment directs and focuses leaders toward corporate goals and success factors and ensures that these goals are being met in an efficient and effective manner.

Legacy Bowes Group believes in a performance management system that involves mentorship and coaching so that ongoing feedback is part of everyday routine. Our consultants can help you to:
  • Design customized performance management systems that are linked into your key success factors and can easily be implemented within your work culture
  • Ensure that the leadership assessment system is aligned to the goals, objectives and missions of the organization and its various departments and functional areas
  • Work with leaders to link key job tasks to performance standards, determine measurement strategies and include them in a performance appraisal format that gives accurate feedback to employees
  • Train leaders on how to fairly and objectively complete an evaluation form, prepare for and hold a performance appraisal meeting and deal with evaluation disagreements
  • Provide guidance in the development of policies and procedures, training manuals or employee handbooks to support the new system
  • Provide consultation on resolving difficult performance management and disciplinary situations

To win at the game of business, you must have productive leaders who have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and knowledge of their own personal strengths and areas for development. Legacy Bowes Group’s human resource consultants can help you develop a highly productive workforce. Call us for more information at 204-947-5525.

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Members of our staff are Myers-Briggs Certified