Career Management & Transition

Employers of choice understand that providing Career Transition services to departing employees is not only the responsible thing to do; it makes sound business sense. The quality of your outplacement service provider affects how your separated employees, your remaining staff, and your community judge your company.

Legacy Bowes Group is proud to offer professional Career Transition services through our Career Partners International division. The Winnipeg member of a 20+ office Canadian and 43 country worldwide network, we provide the strength of local expertise with the benefits of CPI’s global resources, technology and standards of quality to meet your local and remote location needs with guaranteed consistency.

Our experienced consultants can help you plan your Career Transition programs, prepare your managers for the separation process, and help manage the transition on-site during the notification process. Importantly too, we can assist with communications and processes to help your organization and remaining staff return to a highly productive and engaged state.

What sets CAREER PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL LEGACY BOWES GROUP apart from other firms providing career transition services is that Career Partners International is the only major career transition/outplacement firm that still maintains a coach‐centric model of outplacement. Each individual candidate is assigned a coach to counsel, guide and support the individual through the transition process. This ensures consistency, responsiveness, availability and results. Our state-of-the-art tools help to guide separated employees' progress through the Career Transition program in real-time.

Career Management experts, our services for companies include:
  • Termination Planning
  • Onsite Management
  • Employee Transition
  • Survivor Management
  • In-house Career Management Programs
  • Career Decision
  • Career Assessment & Coaching
  • Spousal Relocation
  • Mature Worker Engagement Programs
  • SkillSoft elearning platform, course catalogue, online books and videos
  • Succession Management

Services for employees include:

  • Transition Counselling
  • Resume Updating
  • Job Search Skills, including interviewing and negotiation of a new contract
  • New Job Orientation
  • Retirement Planning


Visit the CPI website to read more about Career Transition services or call 934-8829 to learn more.


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