Executive Coaching

LBG is proud to offer world-class Executive and Management Coaching services through our Career Partners International (CPI) division.

Our process combines assessment, feedback and coaching to guide executives in improving their leadership effectiveness and their businesses' bottom line results. Our innovative executive coaching programs, tailored to individual and organizational needs, are appropriate for all top performers - executives, middle managers and other key team members. Through our executive coaching programs, CPI develops leaders who have insight about their strengths and weaknesses and who are better able to build relationships, affect change, manage stress and hone their skills to benefit the company. Our customized programs strive to engage each leader's intellect, emotions, beliefs and business perspectives, ultimately leveraging their personal development and growth to drive measurable results.

Visit the CPI website to read more about Executive and Management Coaching services or call 934-8829 to learn more.


Accelerate your career plan with Executive Coaching from Barbara Bowes

ourteam-BarbaraBowesBarbara Bowes's signature career strategies will inspire, motivate and teach you how to take control of your career. Become the effective leader that you want to be. You don't need to be an executive to take advantage of Barb's expertise. If you have an ambitious goal for your career, Barb can help you achieve it.
Barb is a popular Winnipeg Free Press columnist, a respected career guru and an experienced executive coach. Her unique approach has brought success to many Manitoba leaders. Contact Barb today to learn more about a customized coaching program. Email barb@legacybowes.com or call 204-934-8820.
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