Change Management

Where you are is not where you want to be.

Managing change is a creative process that requires planning, determination, skill and finesse. As a leader, you must continually examine your decisions and solutions, address ethical implications of your actions and institute systematic implementation plans.

Our Change Leaders can assist you on an ongoing basis to ensure your change strategies remain consistent and on track.

Our services help you through the five stages of change:

  1. Identify the Change – We can help you assess your current situation/status, develop organization goals and decide what changes need to be made to bridge the gap.
  2. Prepare for Change- In this stage we will help you to define the change in the context of your organization culture. Who will be affected by the change? Who can champion/manage the change? Are there any risks or vulnerabilities that may arise from your plan? We will help you answer these and many other questions that will arise during the early stages of change.
  3. Plan the Change – In this stage we will determine how the change will be rolled out and how you can you minimize employee resistance and turnover. This includes determining what support will be provided to employees who are exiting the company and what training support you will need to ensure your staff is one with your company’s plan.
  4. Implement the Change – In the implementation stage we will guide you through the process of ensuring your leaders, communications strategies, support services and review processes support your overall change.
  5. Anchor the Change - In this stage we will help define specific strategies for the key change management systems: communication, training and development and rewards and recognition. The main goal is aligning organizational culture and human resource practices to maintain the changes you have created over the long term.

Our Change Management Services Include:

  • Management Steering Committee
  • Group facilitation
  • Management Training on change management
  • Change management planning sessions
  • Change management awareness training for employees
  • Organization assessment/culture surveys
  • Employee focus groups – problem solving and issues oriented
  • Communication strategies
  • Leadership and Executive coaching
  • Upward feedback performance management
  • Teambuilding and community building – hands-on simulations
  • Vision/mission statement group facilitation
  • Train the trainer