HR Management Software

Allegro® HRMS

Today’s businesses need better talent management systems to survive and thrive. In the HR world, Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) have evolved to give HR managers the power to easily, safely and efficiently manage employee data.

HRMS technology allows HR managers to track, search and report on time tracking, compensation and benefits, leaves and vacations, skills, company property and any other pertinent HR data. This empowers managers to quickly and easily monitor and review their HR efforts and make strategic decisions based on quantifiable data.

To help our clients better manage their HR efforts, we proudly partner with Adequasys Canada to offer the Allegro® HRMS system. Allegro® HRMS is fully scalable, 100% web-based and remarkably easy to use.

Allegro® Benefits for Staff

A flexible and configurable self-serve portal grants employees real-time access to their personal information and provides them the ability to follow the status of online requests relating to vacation time, employment verification, training requests and many other HR processes.

Allegro® Benefits for Middle Management
Allegro’s rich database allows managers and supervisors to drive decisions regarding budgeting, performance, vacations, leaves and headcount to continuously improve performance.

Allegro® Benefits for Top Management
Executives have real-time access to actionable intelligence to fuel growth and minimize costs. Allegro® ensures employee data is secure and accessible while minimizing labour costs.

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