Workplace Investigation

When your organization has experienced a formal complaint, has become aware of inappropriate behaviour and/or believes an employee issue needs to be investigated, you need a neutral, third party to help.

Our HR consultants are trained to lead a range of people management interventions and investigations resulting from personality conflicts, human rights violations, mismatched leadership roles, unclear standards, inappropriate employee behaviour, team conflict, and/or poor performance and illegal behaviour.

We act as neutral fact-finders who use a systematic process to gather evidence and prepare a final client report with recommended actions. Based on our report, the client may identify further measures of remediation such as restoring normal workplace communication, developing new policies and generally taking steps to prevent future challenges. Legacy Bowes consultants can assist with the following:

  • Review of complaint documents/procedures and policies
  • Review of company policies and procedures with respect to legislative requirements in various HR areas
  • Interviewing of complainants, respondents, witnesses, staff and management and/or police services as appropriate
  • Gathering evidence through documentation of testimony
  • Provision of analysis, synthesis and reporting of final conclusions and results
  • Coaching of management and front line leaders on how to provide informal conflict resolution in the workplace
  • One on one coaching and sensitivity training
  • Training of internal harassment advisors and investigators for cases of intervention in the workplace
  • Respectful workplace training
  • General workplace assessments for conflict and declining morale
  • Policy research and development regarding people intervention issues