Recruitment planning & strategy

Strategic planning is not something reserved solely for big business; in fact it is even more critical for small business. Failing to plan is literally planning to fail. By going through a strategic planning process, entrepreneurs define, refine their products and services, match business strengths to available opportunities, and determine how their company will generate revenue and what staffing requirements are needed to support your goals.
Our facilitated strategic planning services are specifically designed to help small to mid-sized companies use their unique resources to reach beyond current capabilities and limitations.

We provide a variety of action oriented strategic planning processes that will establish a unified future vision, long-term goals and objectives and create a living document to guide your company from dilemma to strategy. Our experts can help you:
•  Gather data through corporate interviews or questionnaires
• Conduct external environment scans through market and competitive research
• Conduct a candid, in-depth 3 day off-site meeting to determine where you are and where you want to go
• Conduct a brief 1 day or 4 hour planning session for staffing purposes
• Facilitate operational planning sessions to develop integrated action plans that will promote strategy implementation

Legacy Bowes Group’s planning consultants are available to facilitate the whole strategic planning process. After our initial meeting, we will provide you with a proposal outlining roles and responsibilities, project milestones, timeframes and professional fees. Call us now at 204-943-0553.


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