Silvia Jakobs

Hi Barbara;

I would like to thank Barbara for writing her innovative book Resume Rescue. This book provided me with the direction I needed to emphasize my skills and accomplisments. I appreciated how Resume Rescue helped me identify my professional expertise and  how to apply that expertise to a specific job position. After many years of writing the wrong kind of resume - Resume Rescue provided the method I needed and successfully helped me land my most recent job.

Thanks, Barbara!

Silvia Jakobs


Glenn C. Fleetwood

Good morning Ms. Bowes,

Please see the below email I sent to Mario Tomberli on Sunday afternoon. What an absolute delight it was to meet with him. This is the first time any recruiter in Winnipeg has done something like this for me. I am truly looking forward to building a relationship with Legacy Bowes Group as we move forward to find the right match for the next stage of my career.


Glenn C. Fleetwood


Harwood-Jones Law Corporation

To whom it may concern,

June 29, 2010

Re:    Legacy Bowes Group
Results Centered Leadership Program

My name is Troy Harwood-Jones.  I am a Manitoba lawyer and the President and owner of the Harwood-Jones Law Corporation.  Since receiving my call to the Bar in 2002, I have practiced primarily in the areas of corporate and commercial law with an emphasis on regulatory issues related to the pharmaceutical industry.  I have been called upon to provide advice and guidance to clients located in Canada, the United States, Great Britain, and in the Caribbean.  I am also the President of the Manitoba International Pharmacists Association and the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and have provided advice and guidance regarding regulatory and administrative law matters relating to the international pharmaceutical industry in Canada and abroad.

During the first five years of practicing as a lawyer I had repeated challenges with staff morale and with retaining high-quality legal assistants in my practice.  Repeatedly losing my support was frustrating and a significant set-back to my productivity.  Even more concerning to me on a personal level was the suggestion that I received from my exiting assistants that I was an extremely difficult task master and that I found fault in everything.  This unflattering image was inconsistent with my own internal image of myself.  I was confused, disheartened, and I did not know how to fix the problem.

In 2008, I turned to Barbara Bowes for executive training and assistance.  Barbara introduced me to the Results Centered Leadership Program (“RCL”) and invited me to work through the material with her over an extended six month period.  I had always “turned my nose up” at such self-help programs, condemning them in my own mind as a collection of platitudes without real substance.  Fortunately, I agreed to take a chance with Barbara and to work through the RCL program.  Admittedly, I decided to allow it a fair chance of success, but the materials also won me over with real insights and practical direction for my employee management.  I immediately encountered several “ah-ha” moments, such as the suggestion in the RCL materials that a manager should “coach for success”, not “police for failure”.  Far too often I had in fact been policing my assistants’ work for failure; finding the faults, identifying the errors, rather than empowering my employees to produce successful work in collaboration with me.  The RCL material was well laid out, was methodical, and instructive.

A great deal of the credit for the success of the program, however, rests with Barbara.  I found her to be an excellent sounding board to our discussions on the materials.  She is extremely well informed with respect to coaching and employee management, and her insights with respect to my challenges and successes were particularly helpful for me as I worked my way through the program.  In many ways, Barbara exemplified the principles of the RCL program, coaching me for success as I attempted to fundamentally change my management style.
I should point out that prior to working with Barbara I had attended a number of business management seminars over the odd lunch hour or possibly for a few hours in a day.  In my opinion, one of the particular strengths of the RCL program is that it must be done over a sustained period of time.  By requiring a regular engagement by the participant over an extended period of time (in my case, over six months), the RCL program has a much greater chance of actually affecting meaningful change. 

It has been two years since I completed the RCL program with Barbara.  I am happy to say that I have had no staff turnover since that time, and that my employee relations have never been better.  I also believe that the quality of work produced by my law office has consistently improved over the last two years.  I highly recommend Barbara Bowes and the Results Centered Leadership Program to anybody who is seriously committed to improving employee management and staff relations.




Rita Cullen

To whom it may concern,

May 5, 2009

The Metis Child and Family Services Authority recently engaged Legacy Bwes Group to assist us in identifying and attracting suitable candidates for Chief Executive Officer for our organization. Our board of directors agreed that a search for an important senior role such as this required the expertise of an external firm that would allow us to participate in an effective and transparent process that would assure optimal results.

Paul Croteau, Donna Bilodeau and the LBG team provided guidance and suport to our selection committee every step of the way by helping us to understand the process, and by updating us regularly as to their progress. The initial steps included several meetings with Board members and other key stakeholderes in order to fully understand the Authority and the nuances of our particular needs and expectations. As the process continued, they utilized direct sourcing techniques as well as developing a strategic advertising strategy to identify and attract suitable candidates. After screening the applicants, they presented a short list of qualified candidates, provided a ppropriate competency-based interview questions, facilitated the interviews, and assisted us in assessment of the candidates.

As a result of Paul and Donna's work, we have been able to reach an agreement with an outstanding individual as our new CEO, and anxiously await her start date next month.  The professionalism and expertise of the firm was invaluable to us, and we would happily recomend the professional services offered by Legacy Bowes Group.

Yours truly,

Rita Cullen
Board Chair
Metis Child and Family Services Authority


Susan Lewis

To whom it may concern,

January 8, 2009

I am pleased to provide a recommendation for Legacy Executive Search Partners.

United Way of Winnipeg recently engaged Legacy Partner to assist us in a comprehensive search process for two critical positions:
- Vice President Donor Relations and Resource Development
- Vice President Community Relations and Capacity Building

Legacy Partners was well prepared and provided us with a thorough overview of their process and took the time to ensure that they had a god understanding of both the organization and the positions we were recruiting. A valuable part of Legacy Partners service is their national candidate search which provides a larger pool of candidates.

In addition to the candidate search, Legacy Partners' services included initial candidate assessment and short listing, developing interview questions, facilitating the interviews, reference checking, and assisting with the analysis of short listed candidates.

As a result of this process, United Way of Winnipeg was able to secure two successful candidates that have been a great addition to our staff and will make an important contribution to the work of United Way.

If you have any questions about our experience with Legacy Partners, please contact me or Bev Passey, Vice President of Internal Relations and Operations.

Susan Lewis


Cade Arason, CA

Dear Selection Committee,

October 16, 2007

It is with great pleasure that I am providing a recommendation for Paul Croteau and his professional executive search team of Legacy Partners in Winnipeg.

As the co-Chair of the selection committee struck by the Winnipeg Ronald McDonald House in our recent search for an Executive Director, I was tasked with determining the most effective process that would yield the best possible candidate for our organization.  It was evident that our board had neither the time nor the expertise to take on such an important project without external assistance, and after meeting with Paul and gaining an understanding of the professional services his firm provides, it was clear that hte benefits of using his firm to assist would allow us to participate in an effective, transparent process while meeting our very specific needs. We found that Paul and his team were very well prepared and provided us with a thorough overview of the process from start to finish. Most importantly, they really took the time to understand the precise profile of our ideal candidate, ensuring the list of finalists were all well-qualified individuals with the requisite skills and experience we were looking for.  Using the services of Legacy Partners allowed us to reach a much larger pool of candidates than we would have otherwise had access to, ensuring we met with the best candidates available.

The selection committee was kept informed and guided through every step of the process, and was ultimately presented with a sohrt list of outstadning candidates from which to choose. Legacy was integral in developing the interview questions for the finalists, faciliatating the interviews and assisting us with our thought process in objectively analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates.   We were able to ensure that the particular skills, experience and cultural fit between the candidates and the existing team of the House were aligned, and have been delighted with the successful candidate.

I have no doubt that Paul and his team will provide your organization with the same level of service and results. I would be pleased to answer any questions you may have at the number below.

Kindest regards,
Cade Arason, CA
Board of Directors
Ronald McDonald House



To whom it may concern:

June 11, 2007

I am the Chair of the Board of Directors for the Village Canadien Cooperative housing complex, and was directly involved in the decision to retain an outside firm to assist with the recruitment and selection of a General Manager for our organization. We selectd Legacy Executive Search Partners because of their outstanding reputation for excellence in Winnipeg and on a national scale, and found that the services Paul Croteau, Donna Bilodeau and their team provided not only met, but exceeded our expectations. They delievered results by putting forward several suitable candidates, and provided timely status reports every step of the way.

Our new General Manager has been in place for several months now, and we are very pleased with his performance and fit with our organization to date.

We found Legacy Partners to be thorough and results oriented, and would highly recommend their services to anyone requiring assistance in filling an executive level position.

Yours truly,
Linda Ferguson
Chair, Board of Directors

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