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Location: Course Delivered Online
Date: May 27th, May 29th, June 3rd 10 - 11:30am & June 5th 10am - 12:30pm CDT

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Program Outline
Have you ever thought about the power of your message? Actually, the only message that counts is the one received. In other words, it doesn’t matter what you say or what you meant to say, what counts is what the receiver thought you said. This program provides an overview of the complexity and importance of managing the message so that conflict is avoided.

Topics and activities include:
• Defining communication, verbal and non-verbal
• Understanding the basic Communication Model
• Identifying communication complications and causes of breakdown
• The role of attitude, life positions and ego state
• Recognizing how red flag words contribute to conflict
• Understanding and applying verbal discipline
• Communication tools: paraphrasing, “I” messages,
• The importance of checking your assumptions
• The art of asking questions
• Resolving interpersonal conflict
• How to identify communication issues
• Assertiveness and your communication message
• The importance of brainstorming solutions and problem solving
• Evaluating your communication strategies
• Tactics for dealing with bullies

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