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LEVEL 1 - COURSE 2: Recruitment & Selection

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Location: Course Delivered Online
Date: Aug. 10, Aug. 13, Aug. 17: 10 - 11:30am & Aug. 20: 10am - 12:30pm CDT

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Do you experience pressure to hire friends and/or family that are not qualified? Is your interview process conducted and rated in a fair manner for all applicants? Do you find that you hire an individual but a few weeks into their role they just don’t seem to have the skills? How much frustration is there within the organization on the quality of new hires? This program provides an overview of the recruitment process and how to develop progressive steps so that legal risks are minimized.

Topics and activities include:
• Impacts of a bad hire and what caused the issue
• The importance of applying a standard recruitment and search process
• The role of human resource policies in recruitment process
• How to set candidate criteria and the importance of job descriptions
• Recruitment case study
• The resume screening process and tool
• Documenting an interview list
• Preparing screening interview questions – how to
• The importance of interview rating sheets and how to
• Creating behavioral interview questions to match job criteria
• Candidate assessment tools checks
• The importance of criminal record and other certifications
• The reward and risks of candidate checking on social media
• Making the final candidate selection decision
• The how to of determining and negotiating candidate compensation
• The importance of effective records management
• Overcoming recruitment challenges
• Making your new employee orientation and training work

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