HR in a Box

Starting or running your own business involves a great deal of hard work, commitment and the ability to understand a lot of different information. 

We work with Business Owners at various stages in their business cycle, with one of our most requested services being Employee Relations. HR in a Box services include conducting organizational reviews, developing a motivational culture, developing leaders and hiring new employees. We understand that you have a lot on your plate, but we're here to help at any stage. 

 HR in a Box Includes:

  • HR Policies — Progressive Discipline, Harassment & Social Media
    Specifying guidelines employees must adhere to 
  • Job Descriptions
    Keeping roles clearly defined for maximum clarity
  • New Employee Orientation Checklist
    Getting your new team members off on the right foot with a step by step checklist
  • Job Advertisements
    Attracting the best people for your organization
  • Interview Questions
    Confirming key qualifications and fit, so you only add "A" players to your team
  • Employee Letter of Offer
    Clarifying the terms and conditions of employment
  • Salary Framework Discussion
    Building a plan for your salary structure

Our team is in your corner and excited to work with you to help your business realize it's full potential. 

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Lisa Cefali
B.Comm (Hons) FEA
Partner, Executive Search & Strategic Development 

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Barbara Bowes

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