Career Transition

Employers of choice understand that providing Career Transition services to departing employees is not only the responsible thing to do but that it makes sound business sense. The quality of your outplacement service provider affects how your separated employees, your remaining staff, and your community view your company.

 Legacy Bowes Group is proud to offer professional Career Transition services through our Career Partners International division. CPI has a network of over 20 offices across Canada and over 45 countries worldwide. Together--with Legacy Bowes Group's local expertise combined with the benefits of CPI’s global resources, technology and standards of quality--we can help you with the highest level of career transitioning expertise at all of your company's locations.

 Our experienced career consultants help design your Career Transition programs, prepare your managers for the separation process, and assist in managing the transition on-site during the notification process. In addition, we are able to assist with communications and processes to help your organization and remaining staff return to a highly productive and engaged state.

 Career Partners International/Legacy Bowes Group is the only major outplacement/career transition firm that continues to maintain a coach‐centric model. Each individual candidate is assigned a career consultant to counsel, guide and support them through each step of the transition process ensuring consistency, responsiveness, availability and ultimately, results.