You can't help being excited for the Canadian Athletes competing and achieving such success in Sochi.  Patriotism, acts of kindness, examples of hard work and dedication are all around.  Then, when we experience moments of surprise and see life altering defeat, those emotionally impacted moments pull a heart string or two – no matter who you are or where you’re located!

We’re pleased that Canada has shown so extremely well – a team of over 200 athletes and a historical best in medal standings! Is this a surprise? Not for many! That’s because the commitment for Canada to "Own the Podium" has been in place for several years. This focus has ensured the right supports for the athletes, and coaches have been put in place.

However, do our leaders and employees express the same sense of the commitment, dedication and hard work that's needed to get athletes to the Olympics, let alone the Podium? Frankly I'm not sure, in fact, I’d like to ask, "What does your organization’s 'Podium' look like, in the Olympics of business?" Would your Gold, Silver and Bronze medal standings bode well in your industry? How are YOUR teams fairing?

Ask yourself….the following Questions:

1. Do you have the right Executive Team in Place?

2. Do you have the Right Coaching Tools in place?

3. Do you have the Best Team of Athletes?

Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments within your current team – both team players as well as leaders and others brought into the organization, all need to "align." They all need to fit, to gel, to mesh! Then, every business unit needs a plan that rolls up within an organization's strategic plan. Finally, each and every plan then needs to be executed, adjusted as needed, and then followed to meet the business objectives for the year.

To date, we've seen that in the Men's Moguls and Women’s Slopestyle events, Canada has "Owned the Podium" with teammates in 2 of the 3 positions. In the Women’s hockey game against the USA, the question "Did Canada outcoach the USA team for the victory" was raised. Great question, because as we know, the entire system, all its parts need to perform at their best in order to succeed! The combination of the Coach, the Athletes, Training and Supports in place serves to support the 4 year journey to the final test of all efforts at the Olympics. Nothing is left to chance or luck in the pursuit of true success.

At Legacy Bowes, we as well don't leave things to chance or luck. We commit and adhere to a professional process, and to the use of highly effective and accurate assessment tools. Our Merit Profile and Management Pro assessments ensure that the right people are in the right positions for the right organizations at the right time. All of these efforts aligned to achieve true success!

After all, as with sports, we also know that anything can happen the day of the 'Event.' However, at the same time, we also know that much can be done to mitigate many of the risks. "Owning the Podium" is not guaranteed, but without the right team, you are not even showing up to the game!

Note: Lisa comes by her passion for the Winter Olympics honestly as she is an official "Freestyle Ski Mom" of a 17 yr old on the Manitoba Freestyle Team – Moguls, Big Air and Slope style. Yes, she can tell you what a Cork 7 is and has stood, for hours in freezing cold temperatures on the side of a mountain waiting for her son to compete - heralding his success in anticipation and anxiousness of all the hard work and discipline that culminates in a 20 sec run to the finish line!