By Barbara Bowes on Thursday, 06 July 2017
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Successful succession for Legacy Bowes Group

With a vision for the future, Legacy Bowes Group is thrilled to announce it's expanding team of partners who specialize in organizational management expertise.

Barbara Bowes partnered her original company with Paul Croteau, rebranded as Legacy Bowes Group (2004) and have continued to offer a broad range of human resource and management consulting services.

Serving corporate clients as well as individual job seekers, Legacy Bowes Group maintains an active job board and provides customized coaching and training opportunities.

Using its success as a springboard, the company is now welcoming three new business partners to the team: Lisa Cefali, Terry Brown and Bill Medd.

Since Bowes and Croteau plan to eventually transition out of the company, they will be well prepared to hand over the reins to this trio of experienced experts.

With more than three decades of leadership as a management consultant, Bowes is renowned for her outstanding ability to work with clients who wish to excel to the next level. She also joins forces with First Nation organizations to bolster their human resources and leadership development services.

Meanwhile, Croteau shines for his skills to recruit senior management and executive-level professionals. With each client, he delves deeply into an understanding of unique business needs in order to find the perfect fit for every position.

With a focus on successful succession, Bowes and Croteau are working closely with the three new partners to allow for a seamless transition when they are ready to reduce their own workloads.

"As founders of the Legacy Bowes Group, we both have complete confidence in our new partners who are coming on board and are going to take over," Croteau says.

"We are thrilled to welcome them to our partnership and to watch them thrive with their new responsibilities."

As the company's president, Bowes is mentoring Brown to hand over the important role of working with First Nation communities and agencies. Brown brings to the table his top-notch skills in negotiation, strategic planning and operational efficiency. He excels as the leader of the Aboriginal Business Advisory Practice, which allows him to work closely with First Nation and Métis communities on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and much more.

At the same time, Bowes is also working closely with Medd, who is now taking the lead role for leadership development. With 30 years of business experience, Medd stands out for his exceptional ability to coach leaders towards their greater goals while also maintaining a sense of balance.

Similarly, Croteau is collaborating with Cefali to pass along his areas of expertise into her capable hands. Cefali joined the team three years ago and brought with her a wealth of hands-on knowledge in a range of areas that include marketing, organization and corporate culture.

On behalf of the new partners, Cefali expresses her enthusiasm about the opportunity.

"We're pleased to have joined this amazing company that has been providing such exceptional service." she says. "And now we're really looking forward to taking it to the next level."

Together, the five-person partnership will offer services under three pillars: Search and Recruitment, Leadership Development and Business Advisory.

For Bowes and Croteau, they believe wholeheartedly in the strengths of their successors and understand the value of letting them take the lead with all three pillars of service.

More information about the Legacy Bowes Group is available online at or by calling 204-947-5525.