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Terry leads our business advisory practice and brings almost 20 years of banking, sales, marketing, negotiations and operational expertise to his role. Terry advises business entities, Indigenous communities and Indigenous entities on corporate setups, joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions. He excels at top tier business to business negotiations, strategic planning and tactical execution, logistics planning, optimization, business/ capital investment planning, the raising of seed capital, budgeting and cost control analysis, operational efficiency, productivity, employee optimization, and expansion.

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Paul is a leading executive search professional with over 30 years’ experience in the recruitment of senior management and executive leadership professionals. Paul excels at developing a deep understanding of his client’s business needs and facilitating consensus discussions to create the key selection criteria. Paul has completed numerous executive “C” level and general management searches for a variety of organizations across all industry sectors including health care, manufacturing, crown corporations, government, financial services, communications, hospitality, professional associations and not-for-profit agencies.

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Bill is a senior executive with a 30-year career in a broad range of businesses. Bill has a passion for coaching leaders toward personal growth and development by focusing on goal setting, attitude, behaviour, relationships, and skills development. He excels at assisting leaders to face their new challenges, manage their careers, business changes and/or focus on life/work balance. Bill enjoys the dialogue around strategic decision making and idea creation that allows businesses to align goals and strategy from start-up and early stage companies to mature businesses experiencing growth or down cycles. As a generalist, Bill offers extensive corporate HR skills that range from business plan creation, strategic thinking, organizational restructuring to coaching and mentoring.

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Lisa is a multilingual, dynamic executive search and organization development professional with 25 years of progressively responsible senior leadership experience in a variety of industry sectors. Her strong experience in strategic marketing and competitive intelligence enables her to quickly understand client needs, their organizational structure, and their corporate culture. Lisa’s breadth of expertise includes executive search, leadership coaching, and development, organizational reviews, social media, and e-business as well as building strong B2B business relationships.

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Barbara is President of Legacy Bowes Group and is well known as a leader in the field of human resources. In addition to her work in human resources, organizational development, career management, and training, Barbara is a weekly columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press and the author of seven books. An award winning professional, she frequently speaks on human resources and its importance to business success. Barbara’s clients include a wide variety of industry sectors as well as First Nation communities and agencies.

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