Certificate in Indigenous Management Essentials


 The Certificate in Indigenous Management Essentials not only builds on each participant's human resources knowledge and skills, it creates a pathway for managers to learn and connect with each employee on a Human Resources level.

This program is for all levels of experience, with a focus on a combined partnership approach of Human Resources and Managers, learning how to navigate the ever-changing organizational landscape in harmony while keeping the focus on the unique challenges of First Nations organizations.

The Certificate in Indigenous Management Essentials welcomes attendees with varied level of education backgrounds. There are no pre-requisites; attendees can enter the program at any time.  Courses can be taken in any order.


Level One

  1. Inter-relationship Between Compensation Strategies & Employee Evaluations
  2. Change Behaviour Through Positive Discipline
  3. Effective Leadership, a Manager's Guide to Getting Results
  4. Cultural Transformation, Management's Role in Organizational Culture Change
  5. Employee Engagement, How to Engage for Success
  6. Program Planning and Project Leadership

Level Two

  1. Coming soon!

Level Three

  1. Coming soon!

A Certificate in Indigenous Management Essentials will be granted to participants at the completion of each level (six courses completed). To be eligible, one must have been present, either in-person or online, in full for each individual course.

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