Personal Leadership Effectiveness (PLE)

This program explores how one’s personal leadership effectiveness has a direct impact on performance and productivity in their personal and professional life.

As part of the PLE program, team members will complete the online MERIT profile development tool and partake in a debrief of the results. Each participant will gain valuable insights and knowledge regarding the importance of their attitudes, beliefs, and commitments. This invaluable framework will help each person better understand their overall character strengths and developmental areas.

Upon completion of the MERIT debrief meeting, the team will engage in a MERIT Team Dynamics™ process and analysis. This enables organizations to assess how well an individual aligns within the group and how the group dynamics impact the team’s productivity. It also allows for your leadership team to look closer at how the group works together and which areas may need to be addressed.

Team dynamics - What are they?

Team dynamics are the unseen forces that operate in a group. Research has shown that an organization’s culture can strongly influence how a team engages, reacts, behaves, performs, and communicates. The bottom line is that team dynamics are often very complex.

Team dynamics are the underlying processes that give rise to a set of norms, roles, relationships, and common goals that characterize a particular social group. Amongst the members of a group is a state of interdependence through which the attitudes, beliefs, commitments, behaviours, opinions, and experiences of each member are collectively influenced by the other group members.

The dynamics of a particular group depend on how one defines the boundaries of the group. Often, there are distinct subgroups within a more broadly defined group. For example, you may have a primary leadership group that drives the important initiatives of your organization. The challenge can often be how well these initiatives are enacted throughout the organization.

On a broad level, the study of team dynamics is similar to the study of culture. This training is completed over five 1-day sessions which will be coordinated to fit your schedule.

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