Executive Search

Successful companies are the result of outstanding leadership, which is why many rely on Legacy Bowes’ expertise when it comes to the recruitment and retention of talented executives.

Our Executive Search team — comprised of a Lead Project Manager, Research Associates, Recruitment Coordinators, and Consultants — goes above and beyond to ensure that we identify and attract the top leaders in your industry. Our recruitment process consists of a comprehensive, proven methodology that is designed to help you find candidates effectively and efficiently. We conduct a thorough 4-step search and recruitment process that includes:

  1. Working with you to develop candidate criteria
  2. Identifying candidates who fit your criteria
  3. Evaluating candidates to ensure fit in your organization
  4. Assisting you in your candidate selection

We are trained professionals who consistently place your interests first. The clients we work with appreciate the value of establishing an exclusive contract with a leading executive search firm that tackles each new assignment with competence, enthusiasm, and high ethical standards.

Legacy Bowes is affiliated with Waterhouse Executive Search, which enables us to widen our reach for the best talent across Canada and the United States.

In addition to being one of Canada's most experienced executive recruiters, we are Manitoba’s largest national practice.

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