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De-escalation training for front line employees


Legacy Bowes is always looking for ways to build capacity with our clients. We respond to client requests for training and HR support and can design and customize our offerings to clients’ needs. When we get a request that we do not have the expertise to deliver, we do our best to find a partner who can.

Following a client request for de-escalation training, Legacy Bowes made a connection with Krypteia Group International Canada (KGICA). They specialize in community and building safety planning, security audits, risk analyses, fire and disaster plans writing, hazard assessment, emergency response strategies and the implementation of subsequent recommendations.

KGICA uses a combination approach of technology and continuous education so your employees will have the skills they need to act safely in their roles and your organization will be compliant to government requirements while also bolstering public safety, mitigating risk, and limiting legal liability.

A few of the services KGICA offers:

  • De-escalation training for front line employees facing aggressive, upset, or violent clients
  • Development of Community/Facility custom Security, Fire and Disaster Response Plan
  • Security Guard Training: Assessment of Safety and Security Risks, development of plans and delivery of specific training
  • Provision of First Aid, AED, STOP THE BLEED training and equipment
  • Development and delivery of custom response training for community-based emergency organizations and leaders such as: Tornado, Active Shooter, Floods, and Criminal or Violent behaviour
  • Fire Safety and Security technological solutions consulting, Project Management for sourcing, installation, and Fire Safety and Security systems upgrades 

If you would like to discuss options for increasing your safety compliance and ensuring that your employees have the knowledge and skills to act safely at work, please contact Tory McNally at 204-934-8840 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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