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Menstrual products now available in federally-regulated workplaces


Beginning December 15, 2023, the federal government implemented a requirement that all federally regulated employers are now required to provide pads and tampons to any employee who needs them while on the job at their workplace. 

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Barrier free access to menstrual products

Menstruation is natural and menstrual products, such as pads and tampons, are essential to the health of Canadians. Providing access to menstrual products for employees will support better health outcomes and workplace productivity, while reducing the stigma often associated with menstruation. 

Employers must supply menstrual products in toilet rooms in workplaces they control. 

The regulations specify that menstrual products must be in all toilet rooms, regardless of their marked genders. This means that every female-identified, male-identified, and all gender toilet rooms will need to have menstrual products. Unrestricted access to these products better protects menstruating employees and makes sure that they feel safe to use the toilet room that best reflects their gender. 

Along with this, employers must also provide a covered container for disposal of menstrual products. A container must be placed in each room with one toilet, and in each toilet stall. 

Clean and hygienic menstrual products

Employers must make sure menstrual products are clean and hygienic and readily available for employees.

Alternate workplace locations with reasonable privacy 

The regulations do offer flexibility in the consideration that it may not always be possible to make menstrual products available in all toilet rooms within an employer-controlled workplace. Employers may choose an alternate location, as long as it is in the same workplace, always accessible to employees, and offers a reasonable amount of privacy. 

For more information about this new regulation, and for all the requirements, visit the links below. 

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