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Join us in Riding The Wave

It’s Where You Want to Be and Where the Legacy Bowes Group IS!

Recently a 15-month review was conducted of more than 3000 Executive Search Recruiters across the US, Europe and Asia by Hunt Scanlon Media. The results were that “The entire talent industry is at an inflection point and we therefore examine close-up what a number of executive search providers are doing – and how they’re all doubling down on their business offerings.”

The report takes a hard look at the challenges and effects of the biggest recruiting outfits - to diversify their business platforms, or risk being left behind. The results Hunt Scanlon uncovered were that “since the top-end recruitment business has expanded well beyond these large global search providers, Hunt Scanlon appraises some of the hottest boutique specialists and explores why so many of them are surging ahead at double digits.”

According to Mr. Scanlon - “It’s a dynamic time to be covering this sector, and as far as we can tell no one is being sidelined – but rather this seems to be an evolutionary period for everyone with people and leadership at the centre of the industry’s core consulting offerings.” Further, Scanlon goes on to say that “This year we look at growing holistic talent management platforms that the largest search firms are developing that integrate candidate identification assessment tools, coaching, leadership development, culture shaping and onboarding. How leaders fit into an organization culture, how they drive it and how head hunters can predict a leader’s success is the next big opportunity ahead for everyone in this field.”

When we read this at Legacy Bowes, we were quite pleased.

We ARE one of these Boutique Specialists that have looked at just this element of growing holistic talent management platforms that is mentioned.

We ARE one of these Boutique Specialists that have already realized that the need for a diversified business platform is now.  Having anticipated the trend in 2014, having built upon it in 2015 and now as we work through 2016, riding this wave, positons us well to address our client’s success.

One of our core business strengths is the reputation of Legacy Bowes Group for understanding and aligning ourselves to our clients’ needs. For this reason, we have realigned and enhanced our best practice expertise and service portfolio around 4 Pillars of Service. These include:

1. Executive Search and Recruitment                 

The Legacy Bowes Group is proud to provide a comprehensive set of recruitment and selection services to our clients. We respond to client needs with customized professional talent searches using a thorough, four phase process. Our consultants pay particular attention to organizational cultural fit. We start by gaining an understanding of an organization's culture, the job profile and the competencies required for success. We use several Psychometric Assessments, assess cultural fit and look at onboarding strategies as keys to a successful placement. One reason for our success lays with our focus on working with clients to set first year objectives for the successful candidate and providing timely follow-up and support.

2.  Human Resource Services

Business growth requires having the right people with the right skills, doing the right tasks at the right time. This requires a focus on the design and development of high performing teams, ensuring effective policies and procedures, and investing in training and development to ensure the competencies and skills your organization needs for success. Browse our HR services.

3. Leadership Development

Legacy Bowes Group offers several highly effective leadership programs that focus on personal, team and organizational development. Front line leaders, middle managers and executives all benefit from our personal assessments, individual coaching and leadership training. Our motto is coach for success instead of policing for failure.

4. Indigenous Business Advisory Services

Legacy Bowes Group is well known in the Indigenous community throughout Manitoba and NW Ontario for our developmental approach to consulting assignments. Our services range from policy manual development, leadership and board training, strategic planning and employee relations.

5. New Partnership

Legacy Bowes Group is growing and as a result, we welcomed two new partners into the firm. Mr. Bill Medd is leading the Leadership Development and Career Transition services while Mr. Terry Brown is leading our Indigenous Business Advisory Services.

So, ride the wave with us at Legacy Bowes Group as you move forward with your own strategic and operational plans. We saw it, we diversified and we are well positioned to assist you, effectively!  

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