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Donna Bilodeau named Vice President, Talent Acquisition Services


Legacy Bowes is pleased to announce that Donna Bilodeau has been promoted to Vice President, Talent Acquisition Services.

A dedicated, people-oriented leader with over 20 years of business management experience, Bilodeau joined Legacy Bowes 16 years ago when the Executive Search team was comprised of only a few individuals. Since then, she has been instrumental in building the Executive Search practice at Legacy Bowes.

As they are continuing to grow, Bilodeau said, they have a great model that works as a well-oiled machine to deliver exceptional results for their clients.

“I’ve built an amazing team of professionals, researchers, and support staff to give our recruitment clients the best possible outcome,” Bilodeau said. “We’ve had great success in assisting our clients by identifying the best candidates for their organizations because we have such a diversely talented team. Their skills and experience allows us to be experts in search and work in a broad spectrum of sectors and industries. Even with the growth we’ve experienced, we have been able to maintain the personalized and boutique approach that Legacy Bowes is known for, which is a testament to our team.”

Legacy Bowes is part of the TIPI Group of Companies, which has become a “one-stop-shop” for clients by offering professional advisement and access to services including Executive Search and Recruitment, Human Resources Services, Learning and Development, Property and Casualty Insurance, Group Pension and Benefits, and Group Benefits Administration. The TIPI Group of Companies is grounded in Truth and Reconciliation in all that it does.

“The opportunity to work alongside these super talented business line leaders across the TIPI Group of Companies is very exciting to me,” Bilodeau said. “As a company, we have so much to offer our clients, and this enables us to more broadly service and support our clients in whatever capacity they need.”

Nathan Ballantyne, TIPI Group of Companies CEO, said the organization is excited to have Bilodeau heading Talent Acquisition Services with Legacy Bowes.

“Donna has a strong professional reputation and that’s not only due to her longevity in the Executive Search and Recruitment space, but is a testament to how she does business. She is knowledgeable, skilled at perspective taking, and has a general curiosity, all of which makes her a great leader within the TIPI Group of Companies,” Ballantyne said. “I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Donna as she transitions into this new role.”

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