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Tory McNally named Vice President, Human Resources Services


Legacy Bowes is pleased to announce that Tory McNally has been promoted to Vice President, Human Resources Services.

McNally is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources and has years of experience in human resources, operations, and family enterprise. She specializes in building human resources structures for small- and medium-sized organizations, with a strong customer service perspective. Tory also possesses a strong background in project management and full-cycle HR. She is a strong relationship builder and a detail-oriented professional that enjoys assessing and creating strong systems to support human resources in organizations.

On this new role, McNally said, “I am excited to see how HR Services is going to grow. We have been hiring such wonderful people and making so many interesting connections with businesses and organizations. I am passionate about getting people the HR advice and services that they need and ensuring that employees are treated fairly.”

Legacy Bowes is part of the TIPI Group of Companies, which has become a “one-stop-shop” for clients by offering professional advisement and access to services including Learning and Development, Executive Search and Recruitment, Human Resources Services, Property and Casualty Insurance, Group Pension and Benefits, and Group Benefits Administration. The TIPI Group of Companies is grounded in Truth and Reconciliation in all that it does.

“I am interested to see the ways that the different business lines in the TIPI Group of Companies will work together to create a full suite of supports, services, and offerings that will create the good life for our clients,” McNally said.

While McNally has a wealth of expertise and experience under her belt that she uses to help clients, she is supported by her robust team of human resources professionals.

“One of the most fulfilling parts of my job is empowering people to do their best work,” McNally said. “I love coaching my team to take on challenges, learn from each other, and work every day to meet clients’ needs.”

Nathan Ballantyne, TIPI Group of Companies CEO, said the organization is excited to have McNally leading Human Resources Services with Legacy Bowes.

“Tory is a strong relationship builder and you can see that with the rapport she quickly builds with her clients, her team, and with her colleagues throughout the TIPI Group of Companies. Between her people-focused approach, her expansive expertise, and her strategic perspectives, Tory quickly became a leader within Legacy Bowes and we’re pleased to announce her appointment as Vice President, Human Resources Services,” Ballantyne said. “I’ve greatly enjoyed working with Tory over the past number of years and am looking forward to continue working with her for many years to come.”

For more information about Legacy Bowes Human Resources Services, please visit our website at https://legacybowes.com/our-services/business-advisory-services  

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